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Tire Cord USA is a division of BMS International, Inc. and has been in business since 1989. Distributing approximately 10 million pounds of ‘substandard’ nylon & polyester high tenacity yarn, cabled cord, belt fabric & tire cord fabric from it’s 400,000 sft distribution center located near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 25 years of

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Nylon6 filament yarn HOY is brighter and softer , including 15 denier to 400 denier. It’s good for clothing and industrial use on weaving, circular knitting, warp knitting and process of fancy yarn.

Textile Manufacturing company Kayvalon Impex supplies Polyester Spun yarn, Virgin polyester spun yarn,waxed yarn,waxed psy supplier,spun yarn for weaving,spun yarn …

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Feature: ATY is so called spun-like yarn. Owing to hairy feeling like natural cotton, it’s also called cotton-like yarn. Polyester Filament ATY is light weight, wear resistant, easy to clean and quick dry.

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Kayavlon Impex is an India based Textile Manufacturing Company. The company is a major textile yarn manufacturer of Polyester Yarn , Viscose yarn, Nylon 6, DTY, POY, PSF, FDY, Monofilament Yarn.

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Chain Yarn corporation was founded in 1988. We have accumulated technical experiences for more than 26 years, and we make every attempt to enhance our business core competence, and we provide a one-stop process from design, development, polymerization to post-processing, in other words, we provide more complete service …

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