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Feeling like you and your partner have already explored (and humped) in every sex position under the sun? What about under the ~sea~? In case you’ve ever wanted to attempt pool sex, get a good look at this adventurous couple trying out some of Cosmopolitan’s slipperiest sex positions. These

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Sex Positions and Techniques: a photographic guide to sex techniques and the best sex positions.

The 3d illustrated sex positions guide, now featuring 250+ HD positions. Recently revamped with over 100 new poses added, our guide is bigger and better than ever!

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(illustrations should be updated within the week) Whether your a couple looking to spice you your love life with a new position or just a curious guy… This page and the links within it hold almost all the known sex positions!

Jun 16, 2016 · It seems like magazines and websites are constantly telling us how to make our sex lives better. Whether it’s tips for giving a better blow job, racy lingerie to wear to drive your boo wild, or something as simple as a sexy playlist to put on to set the mood, there is an abundance of information …

Climb on top of your cutie and take control with these sizzling sex positions, complete with steamy illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

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Find out what sex positions work best for women, how to reinvent your favorite steamy moves, and what positions guarantee an orgasm—every time.

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Rear entry sexual positions described and explained, with high quality sex positions pictures.

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Learn about the hottest sex positions that real women say always bring them to orgasm.

Real women on their least favorite sex positions and what makes them so uncomfortable to try.

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